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5 Cards For1H Total Under 22H Total Under 21H is 2~3 Total Cards2H is 2~3 Total Cards1H Total Over 32H Total Over 3Who Will Score First? 100%Scored first in 1 / 1 matches 20%Scored first in 2 / 10 matchesGoals By MinuteKilmarnock II and East Stirlingshire's goals by 10 minutes and 15 minutes. 10 MinsKilmarnock IIEast Stirlingshire0 - 10 Mins0%8%11 - 20 Mins67%8%21 - 30 Mins0%0%31 - 40 Mins0%4%41 - 50 Mins0%4%51 - 60 Mins33%8%61 - 70 Mins0%4%71 - 80 Mins0%4%81 - 90 Mins0%8%15 MinsKilmarnock IIEast Stirlingshire0 - 15 Mins0%16%16 - 30 Mins67%0%31 - 45 Mins0%8%46 - 60 Mins33%8%61 - 75 Mins0%8%76 - 90 Mins0%8%Scored (10 min)Kilmarnock IIEast Stirlingshire0 - 10 Mins0%9%11 - 20 Mins67%0%21 - 30 Mins0%0%31 - 40 Mins0%0%41 - 50 Mins0%0%51 - 60 Mins33%9%61 - 70 Mins0%9%71 - 80 Mins0%0%81 - 90 Mins0%9%Scored (15 min)Kilmarnock IIEast Stirlingshire0 - 15 Mins0%9%16 - 30 Mins67%0%31 - 45 Mins0%0%46 - 60 Mins33%9%61 - 75 Mins0%9%76 - 90 Mins0%9%Conceded (10 min)Kilmarnock IIEast Stirlingshire0 - 10 Mins0%7%11 - 20 Mins0%14%21 - 30 Mins0%0%31 - 40 Mins0%7%41 - 50 Mins0%7%51 - 60 Mins0%7%61 - 70 Mins0%0%71 - 80 Mins0%7%81 - 90 Mins0%7%Conceded (15 min)Kilmarnock IIEast Stirlingshire0 - 15 Mins0%21%16 - 30 Mins0%0%31 - 45 Mins0%14%46 - 60 Mins0%7%61 - 75 Mins0%7%76 - 90 Mins0%7%45' and 90' includes injury time goals.

East Stirlingshire ran out winners after a 4-2 penalty shootout. A tendency of at least one side getting a clean sheet in games involving East Stirlingshire has been noticeable recently. Checking on their last 6 meetings reveals that it has happened 5 times. In those clashes, opposing sides have managed a goal total of 12 while East Stirlingshire have scored 1. That trend won’t necessarily follow through into this match, however. 🗞️ Team News: Kilmarnock B The Kilmarnock B boss has no fitness worries to speak of before this game with a completely injury-free squad to choose from. Team News: East Stirlingshire With a completely injury-free squad available to select from, the East Stirlingshire boss has no fitness worries at all coming into this game.

League AVG is Scotland Challenge Cup's average. There were 0 cards in 11 matches in the 2022/2023 season. Scotland Challenge Cup Card Stats First / Second Half WDL1H/2H WDLKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireWin% 1st Half100%0%Win% 2nd Half100%17%Draw% 1st Half0%50%Draw% 2nd Half0%67%Loss% 1st Half0%50%Loss% 2nd Half0%17%Kilmarnock FC B and East Stirlingshire FC's first half and second half card stats for your predictions. Half CardsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverage1H Cards For Average2H Cards For Average1H Total Cards AVG2H Total Cards AVG1H Had More Cards%2H Had More Cards%Over X 1H/2H CardsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverage1H Over 0. 5 Cards For2H Over 0.

83Conceded Average 2H0. 50* Goals conceded data include both home and away games that Kilmarnock FC B and East Stirlingshire FChave played. Kilmarnock FC B and East Stirlingshire FC's Over 0. 5 ~ 4. 5 and BTTS data. Match GoalsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageOver 0. 5100%80%90%Over 1. 5100%80%90%Over 2. 5100%50%75%Over 3. 50%30%15%Over 4. 50%10%5%BTTS0%70%35%BTTS & Win0%10%5%BTTS & Draw0%50%25%BTTS & Over 2. 50%40%20%BTTS No & Over 2.

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5+100%67%84%Team Shots On Target 4. 5+100%33%67%Team Shots On Target 5. 5+100%0%50%Team Shots On Target 6. 5+100%0%50%Match ShotsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageMatch Shots Over 23. 50%33%17%Match Shots Over 24. 50%33%17%Match Shots Over 25. 50%0%0%Match Shots Over 26. 50%0%0%Match Shots On Target Over 7. 5100%67%84%Match Shots On Target Over 8. 5100%33%67%Match Shots On Target Over 9. 5100%33%67%Offside StatsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageOffsides / Match0. 502.

Kilmarnock B vs East Stirlingshire - Kilmarnock B vs East Stirlingshire Live Stream, Predictions How to watch the Kilmarnock B vs East Stirlingshire live stream

Kilmarnock B vs East Stirlingshire match Prediction & Betting Tips with Live OddsFull Time Result - Enhanced PricesThis offers gives a bettor an option to take an enhanced price on the Full Time Result for the selected matches. This offer can be located by selecting the "Change Market" tab or below the standard full-time results when the user is viewing the markets for a particular match.

5Team CardsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageCards For AverageOver 0. 5 ForOver 1. 5 ForOver 2. 5 ForOver 3. 5 ForCards AgainstKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageOver 0. 5 AgainstOver 1. 5 AgainstOver 2. 5 AgainstOver 3. 5 AgainstTotal Match Cards for Kilmarnock FC B and East Stirlingshire FC.

East Stirlingshire FC | Facebook Get a Reliable Prediction Based on Statistics Data for Free at

50* Stats include both home and away games that Kilmarnock FC B and East Stirlingshire FC have played. East Stirlingshire is advantageous in terms of Goals Conceded0 /MKilmarnock II at Home1. 4 Conceded / MatchEast Stirlingshire at AwayConceded / GameKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireOver 0. 50%80%Over 1. 50%40%Over 2. 50%20%Over 3. 50%0%Clean Sheets100%20%Conceded 1st/2nd HalfKilmarnock IIEast Stirlingshire1H Clean Sheet100%50%2H Clean Sheet100%50%Conceded Average 1H00.

+ Corner Stats & CardsPremium will get you more wins. 300 Extra leagues known to be profitable and less tracked by the bookies. Plus, you get Corner stats and Card stats along with CSV downloads. Subscribe today! Cards Booked / Match Match CardsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageOver 2. 5Over 3. 5Over 4. 5Over 5. 5Over 6.

5100%10%55%First Half GoalsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageBTTS First HalfOver 0. 5 FHOver 1. 5 FHOver 2. 5 FH2nd Half GoalsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageBTTS 2nd HalfBTTS Both HalvesOver 0. 5 2HOver 1. 5 2HOver 2. 5 2HUnder X GoalsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageUnder 0. 50%20%10%Under 1. 50%20%10%Under 2. 50%50%25%Under 3. 5100%70%85%Under 4. 5100%90%95%First/Second HalfKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageUnder 0. 5 FH0%50%25%Under 1.

Team CornersKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageCorners Earned / MatchCorners Against / MatchOver 2. 5 Corners ForOver 3. 5 Corners ForOver 4. 5 Corners ForOver 2. 5 Corners AgainstOver 3. 5 Corners AgainstOver 4. 5 Corners Against Kilmarnock II East Stirlingshire Scored in 100% of matches (Overall) High ChanceThere is a High Chance that Kilmarnock II will score a goal based on our data. Clean Sheets in 20% Clean Sheets in Low ChanceThere is a Low Chance that East Stirlingshire will score a goal based on our data. Scored in 70% Upgrade to Premium! Extra 300 Profitable Leagues.

Kilmarnock B - East Stirlingshire na żywo, 23.08.2022 Live Match Stats - Scotland - Challenge Cup, Kilmarnock II vs East Stirlingshire, August 23, 2022 -

Kilmarnock B vs East Stirlingshire Live Stream, Predictions The Official Facebook Page of East Stirlingshire Football Club. continue their travels in the second round as we head to Ayrshire to face Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock B - East StirlingshireNierozpoczętyMin: 'karne: - dogrywka: - Fortuna - oferta powitalna W sierpniu oferta z BONUSAMI do 830zł: Zakład bez ryzyka 600 zł Freebet 20 zł (po weryfikacji konta) Freebet 10 zł (po 1-wszej wpłacie) Bonus 50% do 200 zł za 2-gą wpłatęOferta z kodem promocyjnym: MAXOFERTA ODBIERZ Fortuna to LEGALNY polski bukmacher z licencją w RP. Oferta TYLKO dla osób pełnoletnich. Graj odpowiedzialnie. Gra u nielegalnych bukmacherów w Polsce jest zakazana. Gra w zakłady wiąże się z ryzykiem! Prawdopodobnie Cię zainteresuje:Challenge Cup 2022/2023. Mecz jeszcze się nie rozpoczął. Szczegóły meczu będą wyświetlane w trakcie oraz po zakończeniu spotkania. Mecz Kilmarnock B - East Stirlingshire rozpocznie się: 23 sierpnia 2022 20:45 Kilmarnock B Remis East Stirlingshire Prawdopo.

ᐉ Kilmarnock B vs East Stirlingshire Live Stream, Tip » How to watchThe next Challenge Cup game on Tuesday will see Kilmarnock B play opponents East Stirlingshire. Scroll down for all of our predictions, poll and stats for the Kilmarnock B v East Stirlingshire game - as well as up-to-date odds. 📊 Form Guide Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company. Kilmarnock B Kilmarnock B, following on from their previous result, will be hoping for more of the same after a 3-0 Challenge Cup success versus Cowdenbeath. East Stirlingshire LLLLLD ⚠ In their previous game, East Stirlingshire drew 0-0 in the Challenge Cup tie with St Mirren B.

Shots, Offsides, Fouls & moreTeam ShotsKilmarnock IIEast StirlingshireAverageShots / Match19. 007. 0013. 00Shots Conversion Rate16%14%15%Shots On Target / M7. 003. 005. 00Shots Off Target / M12. 004. 008. 00Shots Per Goal Scored6. 337. 007Team Shots Over 10. 5100%0%50%Team Shots Over 11. 5100%0%50%Team Shots Over 12. 5100%0%50%Team Shots Over 13. 5100%0%50%Team Shots Over 14. 5100%0%50%Team Shots Over 15. 5100%0%50%Team Shots On Target 3.

Kilmarnock B V East Stirlingshire | 23rd August 2022 Get the latest Kilmarnock B vs East Stirlingshire score in the Challenge Cup direct to your

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