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Urban Indigenous Children

AGES: 7-12

Program Objectives

The purpose of the program is to provide social supports outreach to children in care, promote healthy eating and physical development, and support children with FASD and education supports.  



The program offers activities during the day, in the evening, after school and on weekends that are geared toward physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the children and their families. 


Akwe:Go workers provide urban Indigenous children and their families with a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • One-on-one mentoring to address uses of self-esteem, victimization and peer pressure

  • Homework, literacy and numeracy support

  • Provisions of health and physical development activities to address a more holistic approach to mental wellness

  • Access to, and provisions of traditional activities and cultural knowledge

  • Supports to children and families who are experiencing challenges at school, or who are, or may be in conflict with the law

  • Outreach to Indigenous children in care and supports for non-Indigenous adoptive and foster parents to facilitate access to culturally appropriate services

Tutoring Session

Individual Action Plan

Assessment and plan for each participant based upon intake interview.

Culturally Relevant Programming

Provide cultural experiences incorporating Indigenous content. 

Community Partners

The program takes pride in partnering with community agencies to deliver programming. Contact us! 

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