Program Objectves

The Dryden Native Friendship Centre's Diabetes Program serves Urban Dwelling Aboriginal people and those living in poverty in Dryden, Machine, Eagle River and Wabigoon.

Program Objectives of the Diabetes Program are:

  • To raise awareness of Diabetes, its risk factors, and the value of healthy lifestyle practices.

  • To promote Aboriginal ownership of diabetes primary prevention and control

  • To ensure local community access to healthy promotion programs and available resources. 

  • To provide a passageway to programs that are holistic in nature. 

Services Offered
  • Diabetes Management & Prevention

  • Blood sugar monitoring

  • Screening Clinics

  • Appointments with a registered Nurse or Registered Dietitian

  • Group Education classes and presentations

  • Client Support Groups

  • Foot Care Workshops

  • Presentations to the Public

  • Presentations to Healthcare Providers

  • Community Screening

Health Promotional Activities Provided

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