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Dryden Native Friendship Centre- Media Release

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Dryden Native Friendship Centre would like to acknowledge all our volunteers who have assisted with so many events at DNFC over the past year. In the month of May, DNFC has always held a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to acknowledge our volunteers and their generous spirit of helping community. This year due to pandemic, we at DNFC will be postponing this Appreciation Dinner until September 2020.

One of DNFC’s largest gatherings is our annual powwow, which is usually held on Indigenous Peoples day on June 21st. Due to pandemic this year, we at DNFC have made the decision not to hold this event. We do apologize as this is a wonderful cultural gathering that brings together community members, families, and service providers to showcase the incredible programs and services that Dryden has to offer. Instead, we will be posting an acknowledgement of this day on our website

Please contact the Dryden Native Friendship Centre for further details.

On behalf of the Dryden Native Friendship Centre Board of Directors and staff,

Please stay safe and practise physical distancing.


Cheryl Edwards

Executive Director

Dryden Native Friendship Centre

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