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Urban Indigenous Healthy Living 


Program Overview

The Urban Indigenous Healthy Living Program is taking major strides to involve the community in participating in more healthy, active lifestyles by delivering a series of workshops. activities and programs available to women, seniors, children, youth, the community and to older adults with disabilities. By offering healthy programs to the community, participants get in shape, stay healthy, and learn more about health, fitness and nutrition. 

Our goal is to increase physical activity levels and cardiovascular health to become smoke-free; to increase knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating practices and weight management; and, to enhance the leadership ability of our youth. 

Programs & Activities

Nutrition: Healthy cooking classes, reading food labels, food portion control, diabetes prevention

Sports: Sports activities such as volleyball, baseball, basketball, tennis

Recreation: Arts and culture programs, fishing, self defense, hiking, kayaking, family fitness fun

Physical Fitness: Gym programs, workout groups, boot camps, walking/running groups.

Smoking Cessation Programs: We will deliver programs for those who want to quit smoking, need help or assistance and develop specialized programs for youth. 


Youth Leadership Development:  The program will act as a resource for the Youth Council and will provide programming that will create positive self esteem and personal awareness with a main focus on increasing leadership skills. A series of indoor workshops and outdoor excursions will stimulate the body and mind and help youth to develop life skills that will prepare them to be our future leaders. All activities will challenge youth participants to set goals to lead a more healthy lifestyle. 

Who is this progam for?

The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program is available to those who want to get in shape, learn about health and nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. The four key target groups are: children, youth, women, seniors and older adults with disabilities


In order to participate in our ongoing programs you first must be a registered client. Registration is free just book an appointment with the UAHLP worker. You only need to register once. Participants 17 and under need parental guardian permission to enter. 

How do I get involved

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