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Healing &

Program Mandate


The mandate of the program is to ensure that the healing and wellness needs of the Indigenous community are addressed by implementing the Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy at the local level in order to reduce family violence, promote healthy lifestyles, culture-based programming and healing. 

Program Objectives

The purpose of the program is to facilitate community events to promote healing, wellness, addiction-free activities, positive parenting, family interaction and cultural awareness. The program initiates community development activities which will lead to healthy families and lifestyles. It promotes positive family integration, activities targeting disadvantages, and single parent family interaction, as well as facilitating the positive reestablishment of families. The program promotes cultural heritage and pride by incorporating cultural awareness, traditional teachings, access to Elders and cultural activities into service delivery. 



The program objective is to provide emergency services to violent family situations, including support and follow-up, as well as intervening in crisis situations. The program refers victims/abusers to appropriate services, as well as providing ongoing liaison service and follow-up to ensure family and individual needs are being met. It promotes healthy lifestyles by conducting home visits, workshops, seminars and public education forums. The program's objective is to promote violence-free lifestyles and work with other community programs to promote a coordinated approach to healing


Community Services

  • To establish a relationship with community resources to facilitate increased sensitivity and awareness

  • To establish a system of referrals. To assist, upon request, non-Indigenous agencies in order to ensure that Indigenous clients receive the service and support they require

  • To promote linkages amongst community agencies so that the Indigenous community will have greater access to holistic healing and wellness approaches

  • To facilitate the understanding and support of community agencies for the Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy

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