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Program Goal

To provide access to culture and culture-based programs and services to urban Indigenous children, youth and families in order to foster a strong sense of well-being and positive Indigenous identity. 


Program Objective 

  • To build upon the skills and knowledge of local and traditional Indigenous ways of life

  • To facilitate access to culture and cultural knowledge with children, youth and families that promotes healing and wellness

  • To ensure safe transmission of cultural knowledge

  • To promote a positive sense of Indigenous identity among children, youth and families

  • To foster connections of cultural knowledge and ways of being, both within the Dryden Native Friendship Centre and with broader community by promoting reconciliation

Program Activities

  • Facilitate talking, teaching and healing circles, and providing service and supports for Indigenous children, youth and families

  • Provide direct traditional-based counselling

  • Provide access to traditional healing and ceremonies

  • Acquire, maintain and care for education tools and resources such as language resources, history books, art and traditional and sacred items

  • Deliver traditional medicines' education through teachings, use, caring for, storage, medicine bags, and growing and picking

  • Deliver traditional food education through teachings on health benefits, harvesting, growing, preparing and storing

  • Promotion of language restoration

  • Transmission of cultural knowledge

DNFC LOGO_edited.png

Dryden Native 
Friendship Centre

Family, Friends, Community...
a tradition of helping each other

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