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Employment & Training Program

Program Goals

To provide opportunities for the urban Indigenous people of Dryden and surrounding area to better their economic lives through culturally based services in an employment focused partnership environment. Apatisiwin promotes strength and self-reliance, enhances the unity of our people, and improves opportunities for meaningful employment through self-determined activities that build employment and training capacity, now and seven generations into the future. 


Program Objectives

The main objectives of the Apatisiwin Program are:

  • To administer program intervention dollars to fund eligible clients for employment and training programs

  • Match eligible clients with employers, promoting a growing number of motivated and qualified individuals who are ready to start careers 

  • Build relationships with education institutions, providing private training & employment opportunities for the urban Indigenous population of Dryden and surrounding area

  • Provide employment and training opportunities to Indigenous clients who are not eligible through First Nation, Inuit or Metis agreements

Funded Program Interventions for urban Indigenous clients who are not eligible through First Nation, Inuit or Metis agreements
(Includes but not limited to)
Image by Markus Spiske

The Apatisiwin Program offers 11 interventions for eligible urban Indigenous Individuals.

The 11 Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) based interventions are as follows:

  1.  Pre-employment training

  2. Youth Internship 

  3. Stay In School Program

  4. Summer Jobs

  5. Apprenticeship

  6. Purchase of Training

  7. On-The-Job Training

  8. Training Supports

  9. Employment Supports

  10. Self-Employment Training

  11. Community Building & Partnerships

Image by Vance Osterhout

Available Services 
(Includes but not limited to)

  1. Resume & Cover Letter Development

  2. Job Search

  3. Job Plan & Goal Development

  4. Interview Preparation & Skills

  5. Employment Counselling

  6. Referrals

  7. Job Information

  8. Scholarship/Bursary Information

Available Services for Employers

(Includes but not limited to)

  • Referrals of potential employees

  • Possible financial assistance with training of Aboriginal employees

  • Help with Hiring process; Creation of job postings, Advertising of employment opportunities, Interview questions, Scheduling of Interviews, etc.

  • Support with cultural and soft skills training for all your employees. 

Image by Bram Naus
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