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Addressing the health care needs
of the urban Indigenous community

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Program Objectives

The program provides education & awareness of health issues that affect the Indigenous population and establishes linkages and working relationships on behalf of Indigenous individuals who require advocacy, support and referral services. HOW facilitates the provisions of culture-based approaches to health by involving Elders, traditional teachers, healers & midwives. HOW will also provide education & support services to reduce violence in Indigenous communities. 


The program objective is to assist Indigenous families in accessing traditional healers and midwives, to act as a support/liaison for Indigenous individuals and families, and to promote Indigenous-based family healing.

The program will:

  • ensure that Indigenous individuals understand the present health care system

  • promote healthy lifestyles through education/awareness

  • provide access to cultural activities, Indigenous resources and language interpreters, if necessary. 

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Health Systems

The program objective is to establish working relationships with mainstream health services and institutions to facilitate increased Indigenous sensitivity and awareness. It establishes working relationships between health care systems, the Indigenous community and agencies to promote holistic health.

Indigenous Healing & Wellness Strategy

This program is funded by the Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy. The goal of the Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy is to improve the health of individuals, families and communities through:

  • Equitable access to health care and Indigenous health care facilities

  • Improving standards of care

  • Providing culturally appropriate health services

  • Promoting a healthy environment

  • A traditional and culturally appropriate approach to healing and wellness

DNFC LOGO_edited.png

Dryden Native 
Friendship Centre

Family, Friends, Community...
a tradition of helping each other

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