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Child Wellness

Urban Indigenous Children

AGES: 7-14

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Program Objectives

  • Allows for familial relationships and an understanding of violence through the holistic model of care that is underpinned by cultural knowledge.

  • Children will learn how to identify the effects of violence and develop healthy coping skills.

  • Parents/Caregivers will develop an understanding of family violence from the child’s perspective.

  • Increase healthy respectful relationships.

  • Increase participation of community partners, members and organizations by providing tools and resources.

Program Goal:

To address intergenerational experiences of violence and to mitigate the impact of witnessing violence for children and families in our community.

Program Activities

(But not limited to)

  • One to One counselling (informal)

  • Family centred (informal) counselling

  • Support circles

  • Cultural workshops

  • Cultural based activities for families and individuals

  • Group workshops

  • Community capacity building


Do you know a child between the ages of 7 to 14 years of age who are victims of violence or have been exposed to violence?

Do you have a child who has been a victim of bullying and or has been a bully? Or in the past?

If so, please contact the Indigenous Children’s Wellness Coordinator to refer the individual child or family.

Image by Rémi Walle

Urban Indigenous children who are victims of violence or who have been exposed to violence between the ages of 7 to 14 years. 

Target Group/Eligibility

Example of a program run by the Child Wellness Worker

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